A Zombie Apocalypse

Two days ago, our principal came to us live with an emergency announcement. Zombies had been sighted in and around Chicago, IL! This is a new breed of zombies that do not respond to weapons. Our only chance of survival is to run and hide until we can concoct an effective antidote to return the zombies to their human form. We needed to evacuate – and quickly! Luckily, each of us was given one free flight to anywhere in the world where we thought we would feel safer from the zombie outbreak.

Some groups chose to go where they knew there would be ample food from crops or local wildlife, some considered fresh water sources, and others chose locations with protective landforms for an extra barrier. Most groups travelled great distances with the hopes that the zombies cannot swim, using our great oceans as a natural obstruction. So far, the zombie spread has remained central to North America. With any luck, they can be contained to the one area.

In the meantime, groups have since relocated to their new sights and are working together on a number of things. The cartographer in the group is keeping a map of where new zombie outbreaks are occurring each day, as well as any natural disasters that could prove dangerous for their groups. The expeditors are tracking group supplies like food, water, firewood, etc. Each group’s accountant is maintaining and attempting to balance their budgets. And the consultant of each group is acting as a communicator with other groups, handling all trade negotiations. We’ve been lucky so far. All are well. We can only hope it stays this way.

Today, we received a encrypted message from the zombies! It was a message sent to us in latitude and longitude coordinates. After creating a giant grid on the floor, we all worked together to chart each coordinate in its correct location. Our efforts paid off because we cracked the code! The message read: “Help us! Make an antidote!” From this message, we were able to infer the human soles still exist within the zombie exterior! We need to save them before we’re all bitten and transformed! We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders!

***NOTE: I cannot believe I forgot to snap more photos – especially of our final zombie message! Too engrossed in the fun of it all!***

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