Power Outage

Boy, oh, boy. We just cannot catch a break. On top of being amidst a worldwide Zombie outbreak, we had a global power outage last week! Groups are already running low on food and water, and some are starting to turn on each other. We are in pure survival mode. With the power out, the priority last week was to find a way to use solar energy for cooking to ensure safe consumption of the food we are hunting and gathering.

Navigating the dark, groups spent days considering how they could use materials around them matched with the power of the sun to create convection, conduction, and thermal radiation to safely heat their food. This time of year does not ensure large amounts of sun exposure, so finding ways to insulate and reflect the rays in unique ways was critical. The week was spent brainstorming, designing, building … and rebuilding. Finally, we felt ready to test.

Unfortunately, the clouds were relentless and allowed for very little sunlight to reach our solar ovens on our testing day, and it just wasn’t enough to combat the cool fall air. We were unsuccessful in our solar cooking attempts. Back to the drawing board it is because sun or no sun, we need food! We will not give in, and we will not give up until an antidote is created and the Zombie homebase is located so we can finally reverse this horrible Zombie plague. We’re close to cracking both! Something tells me this week will be an important one…

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